"The period pills work amazing! The first symptom I noticed was bloating. It's normal for every girl to bloat on their period, but who wants that? I wasn't bloating whatsoever after the first few times taking the pills. The next thing I noticed was how my cramps became less painful. I get super bad cramps on the first day of my period, and it gets to a point where I can't even go out with family and friends. It used to be so painful I would cry and laying in bed all day. But after a few weeks of taking the pills, the pain and discomfort is starting to fade. I truly love period pills and I can't wait to get more!"



"These period pills worked wonders. Growing up I had extremely painful and heavy periods but the minute I started taking these period pills my life changed. I no longer felt excruciating pain with my cramps, and they became less heavy, I wasn’t as bloated. All thanks goes to period pills for making my menstrual cycle easier to cope with."


"I get really bad periods. The kind where you can’t get out of bed you’re in so much pain from the cramps. I have actually passed out from the pain several times in my life. I also get horrible period headaches and no pain reliever seems to touch them.  Not to mention PMS that makes my family run for cover.  Last month was the first time I tried Period Pills.  I was actually surprised when I started because I didn’t have PMS. No mood swings and no breast tenderness. I still had cramps but not bad enough to keep me in bed. I actually worked out everyday of my period . The best part ... no headache. 

This month I am on a family vacation in Maui with my boys and you better believe I packed my period pills!"


"I am here to tell you that I have had the worst cramps ever since I started my period when I was 14. For most of this time, up until about a year and half ago, I relied too much on pain medication. It was the only way I could continue my life during my cycles. But I know that the pain medication was ruining my liver and gut health so I started to try several other methods. Nothing has ever seemed to work until I was introduced to Period Pills!! For the first time in my whole “menstruarting” life I can make it through my period without any pain medication. I never though that would ever be possible. I love them, and I never want to be go through a cycle without them :)!!"


“I tried out the period pills and they worked well to balance my mood out. Great ingredients and product.”


“This product is amazing I love it. And it's working so good that my husband is telling me to take 6 everyday Hahahaha. I love this product, I need to order another bottle.” -Neide


“So my periods were super bad making me throw up and missing out on stuff and I came across period pills and I used them last week and everything was really good especially no throwing up now. These have changed my experience with it even tho I hate getting it but now I can do stuff again”